Standing Room Only at our Annual Meeting

Mar 4

Our community is active and engaged, if attendance at our Annual Meeting is any indication. Some late-comers were not allowed in, as the Founders Hall at St. Francis had reached its maximum capacity. For those who were not able to attend, we have compiled links to our hand-outs, the Treasurer’s Report, the President’s presentation and articles in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle covering the evening.

President’s Presentation

Treasurer’s Report summarizing the BHA’s fiscal year 2018 audited financial statements.

Presentation of Awards for Outstanding Service to the Community.

Bios of panel participants

Presentation of our Parallel Bypass Alternative Plan

Call to Action

Brooklyn Daily Eagle  articles:

Photo by Andrew Porter

BQE Concerns Headline of BHA Annual Meeting 

BHA Panel Asks: Who is Planning Brooklyn’s Future?  

BHA Presents Community Service Awards