President's Message

The BHA’s voice is heard on virtually a daily basis within the offices of our elected officials and City agencies, at public hearings, and through the airwaves and print media. The BHA is an unstinting advocate for policies, programs and projects that will enhance the Heights’ quality of life.

But we also are vigilant in protecting and preserving what we have worked hard to achieve over many years in terms of the character and scale of our community. So when the situation demands it, we are unafraid to use our voice to oppose policies and actions that will detract from, rather than enhance, our community.

The BHA’s focus must and will remain focused on those policies and developments that directly affect our neighborhood, but in the changing city that we are inescapably pad of, we must also endeavor to participate actively in citywide discussions and with our neighboring Brooklyn communities about how the scale and quality of life of neighborhoods more generally can best be maintained. Since Brooklyn Bridge Park opened, the Heights no longer is set off as it once was, but is now fully part of the larger community. Thousands of people regularly pass through our neighborhood on their way to the park. The BHA initiated the concept of a park as a replacement for the waterfront’s defunct shipping piers, and we continue to be a strong park advocate, but now we also must work to address the congestion it has added to our streets and sidewalks. More distressingly, the iconic views of the harbor and the Brooklyn Bridge have now been compromised by those charged with the park’s development.  We also recognize that Brooklyn Heights’ reputation as a great place to live and work has brought enormous development pressures to our borders, which challenges the neighborhood we value so much.

Through these challenges, I have come to appreciate the deeply shared sense of community possessed by Heights residents. To sustain and promote this sense of community, the BHA must be open to our residents’ input and concerns and carry their voices to the doorsteps of the decision-makers who affect our lives.

I am also committed to enabling residents to become more involved in the work of the BHA.  I first became involved in the BHA when a friend asked me to join the BHA’s Transportation Committee. As the BHA President, I invite all interested members of the community to learn more about the BHA, share your views with us, and above all, become active in our committees so that we can strengthen the collective voice of the neighborhood.

— Patrick Killackey, President