President's Message


moved to Brooklyn Heights in 1980, somewhat reluctantly, I will admit.  I had grown up in Queens, one of the outer boroughs, and when my husband and I married, I wanted to live in “the city,” not in another outer borough, which had even less cachet than did Queens.  We looked for apartments in Manhattan and In Brooklyn Heights, where some friends already lived, and we got so much more for our money here that I agreed to live here.  Thirty-seven years later, I can say that not only did I never have any regrets, but I can’t imagine what I was thinking all those years ago.

Brooklyn Heights is one of the gems of New York City, and I learned over the many years that I have lived and raised three sons here, that credit for that belongs in part to the Brooklyn Heights Association. The BHA played a significant role in ensuring that the BQE did not threaten the community’s fabric when Robert Moses wanted to build that roadway along Hicks Street and in securing landmark status for Brooklyn Heights when the Landmarks Preservation Law was passed in 1965.

While we are not faced with such existential threats now, issues continue to arise on which the BHA endeavors to speak on behalf of this community –  issues as complex as development in Brooklyn Bridge Park and other areas surrounding the Heights and as routine as the planting of trees and the removal of garbage and recycling.  Many dedicated people have served the BHA in the past on its Board of Governors, and I am proud and humbled to follow in the footsteps of those who led the Board before me.  And many dedicated people have supported the BHA in its various efforts over the years, and I thank all of our members and others who have done so.  We continue to need dedicated Governors and dedicated supporters.  If you are reading this and are interested in becoming more involved, please get in touch with us and join us.

— Martha Bakos Dietz, President