Newsletter Archive

November 30, Montague Matters in the News
November 15, Volunteer and WIN
November 11, Calls to tear down the BQE
November 9, Montague Rising
October 28, Halloween Parade, Sammy’s 30th Anniversary, Clark St update and Organic Recycling returns
September 24, Walking Tours Announcement
September 10, BQE and Clark Street Update
September 1, Upcoming Fall Events and BQE Update
August 4, Mayor announces measures to shore up BQE
July 8, Is the BQE cantilever the next Surfside condo?
July 1, Bike Lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge, Montague Update and Party on the Promenade on September 23rd
June 10, Celebrate Summer
June 8, BQE update, fan noise on Furman, and Citibikes
May 25, Judy Stanton get Award on May 26, and Property Tax Reform Meeting on May 27
May 13, Montague Street update
April 27, Heights in the Lights and BQE update
April 15, Ranked Choice Voting
April 13, Comment on helicopter noise deadline
April 9, Spring into Service
March 20, Spring Updates: Clarks St Station, Egg Hunt, Promenade Garden Conservancy and Rallying against Hate
February 27, Annual meeting recap
February 12, Party Registration for Election
January 27, Montague Street survey results
January 25, 2021, BHA Annual Meeting Save the Date
December 27, New Years Message
December 9, Promenade Barriers
December 4, Montague Street Survey
December 1, Helicopters are back…
November 24, Giving Thanks to You
November 12, Second Wave
November 6, BHA saves Halloween
October 30, On Voting, the Library and Halloween
October 7, Plans for Halloween and Spring bulb planting
October 3, BQE Hicks St Wall Rehabilitation
September 29, Absentee Ballott Problems
September 17, Tree survey, voting and the census
August 14, Citibike expansion, Hicks St repaving, compost
August 6, Storm Damage, BQE Update & Open Streets
July 10, Subway Update and Report Hate Crimes
July 2, BQE update and remembering Martin Schneider
June 5, George Floyd memorial and statement of solidarity
June 4, Standing Together in Troubled Times
May 22, Thanks to the Community, Voting Absentee during COVID-19, and Alternate Side Parking
May 5, Brooklyn Heights Together
April 20, COVID-19 resources & organic recycling suspended
April 3, COVID 19 Community Update
March 20, Open for Business
March 18, Staying safe, informed, and supporting local businesses
March 13, A Healthy Community
February 29, Annual Meeting Recap
February 26, Public Hearing on the BQE summary
February 20, Press Conference and Public Hearing on the Future of the BQE announced for February 25
February 19, MTA announces they will close Clark St Station for 8 months
February 6, Annual Meeting, Plastic Bags, and Valentine Deadline
January 30, Mayor’s BQE Panel Report has been released
January 27, Upcoming BQE Panel Report, BQX and BWE 
December 20, Happy Holidays from the BHA
December 5, It Pays to Pay Attention: security tips
November 27, Annual Appeal
November 26, The BQE coalition is growing
October 31, Clark St Station Overhaul Survey Results
October 28, Improving Helicopter Safety Act of 2019 legislation announced
October 22, Helicopter Press Conference Rescheduled to Saturday, October 26
October 18, Early voting, Cadman Park call for volunteers, Special Events at the Showhouse, Halloween Parade and Helping the Homeless
October 9, Last Call to Get Tickets for Conversation with Tony Award-Winning Costume Designer Catherine Zuber
October 8, Showhouse press, Special events, BQE and a Call for Youth Policy Council Applicants
October 7, Helicopter noise press conference cancelled
October 6, Helicopter noise press conference
September 18, MTA Town Hall on Clark St station overhaul
September 4, Jail Plan Public Hearing
August 27, BQE update. Elected Officials Ask DOT for Clarity
August 21, Greeting from New Executive Director Lara Birnback
August 7, Join the Benefit Committee for the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse!
July 15, Trees or Parking lot? Riverside Tenants Need the Help of the Community!
July 11, New Executive Director Announced!
July 2, Sanitation Service Alert
June 27, Mayor’s Panel Tells Community DOT’s Promenade Highway Can’t Get Approval
June 26, July 4th Fireworks
June 18, Protect the Riverside Apartments, and Fight Excess Building Height
June 5, Split two-Way Tolling on Verrazano Bridge Passes Committee
May 20, 2019, Clark St Station May Be Closed for a Year
May 16, 2019, Busy Weekend in the Heights
May 8, 2019, Cadman Crane and other upcoming events
May 6, 2019, Please Support our Continued Advocacy
April 9, 2019, Public Hearing on Borough Jails
April 4, 2019, Huge Turnout for Town Hall
April 3, 2019, Mayor Announces Blue Ribbon Panel 
April 3, 2019, Town Hall Reminder
April 2, 2019, Egg Hunt and Harmful Household Disposal
March 26, Town Hall Flyer
March 22nd, BHS Seeking New Executive Director
March 21, 2019, Town Hall Meeting Information
March 9, 2019, Town Hall Meeting scheduled for April 3rd
March 6, 2019, BHA Annual Meeting Summary
February 19, 2019, The Honorees at our February 26 Annual Meeting
February 8, 2019, Annual Meeting to be Held February 26 on the Theme: “Who is Planning Brooklyn’s Future?”
February 6, 2019, Civics Group Tell DOT Environmental Harm is Too Great
January 24, 2019, Our Fight for a New BQE Reconstruction Plan is Gaining Momentum in the NY Times
January 18, 2019, BHA Featured in CBS Segment on BQE
January 14, 2019, Our Community is United in its opposition to the Promenade Highway
January 11. 2019, Second Rally notification
January 10, 2019, Announcing a Rally on January 12 with Comptroller Scott Stringer
January 7, 2019, BHA Asks DOT to Hire Blue Ribbon Panel of Experts to Devise an Innovative Solution
December 26, 2018, BHA Annual Appeal
December 21, 2018, Elected Officials Demand Answers from DOT on BQE Plan
December 18, 2018, Public Advocate Forum in the Heights
November 20, 2018, DOT Promises to Assess BHA Alternative BQE Plan
November 9, 2018, BHA to Meet with DOT
November 1, 2018, Flurry of Activity on DOT Plan