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Brooklyn Heights is for everyone who visits, works, and lives here — but it can’t be taken for granted.  For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Heights Association has been the organized voice for the community, successfully advocating to preserve historic buildings, protect spectacular views, keep streets clean, slow traffic, and plant trees.  Join the BHA as we work together for a better Brooklyn Heights community for everyone.  Become a BHA member and make your voice heard.

Become a Member

When you become a member of the BHA — regardless of whether you rent a studio, own a brownstone, or live in a highrise — you support our work to protect your stake in this neighborhood. You also become part of the collective voice of Brooklyn Heights. The more members we have, the stronger that voice becomes, and the more we can accomplish together to maintain and improve the quality of life of our neighborhood. So please join now online, or if you are already a member, renew your membership!

Donate to the BHA

The BHA strongly relies on donations to support our advocacy on behalf of the community. Membership dues provide only 35% of our operating budget, so please include the BHA in your charitable giving. The BHA’s recent advocacy has been critical to protecting the neighborhood through these efforts:
  • We took legal action to protect our scenic views and limit unnecessary development in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • We successfully encouraged our neighbors to reject a developer’s plan for a 40-story tower on Pineapple Walk.
  • We were the catalyst for the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s decision to complete the designation of 181 and 185 Montague Streets as individual landmarks.
  • We led a neighborhood coalition to quash a downtown zoning change for 141 Willoughby Street that would have enabled developers to build 50% greater than current zoning permits and set a dangerous precedent for massive buildings on Brooklyn Heights’ border.
  • We worked with homeowners to get the BQE repaved, which has greatly reduced the noise and vibration that affected their quality of life.
  • We coordinated with the Department of Transportation in the implementation of the Neighborhood Slow Zone, which reduces injuries and saves lives on our streets, and was a direct result of the BHA’s organizing activity.
Donations to the BHA are tax-deductible.

Volunteer to Support

The BHA invites you to share your talents and nurture your passion for improving the neighborhood by volunteering with the BHA. By becoming a BHA volunteer you will:

  • Reap the personal satisfaction of bettering the community you live in
  • Meet others who share your interests
  • Expand your professional network
  • Enhance your future employment prospects by augmenting your resume
  • The BHA needs volunteers for its committees, events and Board of Directors:
Committees: Each BHA committee has a distinct mission, set of goals and workflow. Many committees include community residents as well as BHA board members. (A description of the committees and the issues they address can be found in the “About” section of this site.) If you are interested in participating on a committee, write to or call the office at 718-858-9193. Please provide a brief statement about your interests, how you would like to be involved, and a resume.

Events: The BHA sponsors events throughout the year, whether fundraisers, concerts, Town Hall meetings, or family events in Pierrepont Playground. To help organize or participate in an event, write to or call 718-858-9193.

Board of Governors: To serve on the BHA Board, an individual must be a BHA member and be involved on a BHA committee or an advocate on an issue with which the BHA is concerned. Governors serve a 3-year term for up to three full terms. The Board typically meets monthly except during July and August. To express your interest in serving on the BHA board, please call 718-858-9193.