President's Message


hoosing to live in Brooklyn Heights almost thirty years ago was a given once my husband and I learned about its fascinating history. We were also very much struck by its timeless beauty.

As we deepened our ties in the community, we learned about the Brooklyn Heights Association and its deeply ingrained purpose to protect and preserve the neighborhood’s unique place in New York and American history. We became BHA members, and began helping with neighborhood events like the House Tour and the Designer Showhouse, and I became very engaged in gardening with the Promenade Garden Volunteers on Tuesday mornings.

But it wasn’t until I joined the Board several years ago that I began to fully appreciate the dedication and hard work it takes for this organization to consider all the needs and desires of the community, and how the BHA contributes to the spirit of this special place we call home. This hard-working group of staff and Governors are all willing to roll up their sleeves and get important work done. For example, the BHA’s leadership was instrumental to get the NYC Department of Transportation to abandon its misguided proposal of a six-lane Promenade Highway while it repaired the failing BQE. Through the Coalition for the BQE Transformation (BQET), the BHA continues to advocate for a transformative and forward-looking solution for the entire BQE corridor.

Another BHA priority is the revitalization of Montague Street. Through responses to our surveys, you’ve told us you want a more vibrant and welcoming street that supports local businesses and can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. We’re identifying small businesses and vendors the community will welcome, and we’re liaising with landlords and the Montague BID to make that happen. We’re rethinking street design to prioritize walking and biking while accommodating vehicle access and partnering with our elected officials and city agencies to determine and implement the best solutions.

We also continue to focus on rolling out the decorative Bishops Crook light poles on our historic streets, installing better trash bins, planting more trees and caring for our tree pits to keep our streets safe, clean and green. I’m proud of the BHA’s successes and I am excited and humbled to be a part of this dynamic organization that works to continue its powerful legacy.

— Koren Volk, President