4th of July Fireworks

July 4, 2:00 PM

The prime viewing locations for this year’s July 4th Fireworks Celebration will be on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, along Pier 1 – 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and on Dumbo’s Main Street/Carousel Area of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

To ensure public safety, the NYPD will create a frozen zone in portions of Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo that will involve parking restrictions and street closures to protect the large number of people who will be coming to view the fireworks.

Street closures will be in effect starting at 2 PM on July 4th on the streets within the frozen zone below and the streets will remain closed to traffic until midnight on July 4th. 

Furthermore, parking will be prohibited on these streets beginning at 11 PM on July 3rd and extending until midnight on July 4th.  Anyone parked in a parking garage within the frozen zone will need to get their vehicles in or out of the garage before 2 PM on July 4th.

The NYPD will post signage on the affected streets in advance of the July 4th holiday.  The police are asking that people give themselves extra time going to and from their destinations due to unscheduled street closures.

The NYPD has indicated that street closures, frozen zones and no parking locations are subject to change, if necessary, without prior notice.

Pedestrians entering the prime viewing areas will be subject to NYPD bag checks at most entrances.

Click here for a PDF file with details of the street closures and frozen zones.