Clark St Subway Tunnel Repairs

Jun 16

Clark Street Station to be closed on weekends till Spring 2018

Starting on Friday, June 16th, reconstruction of the Clark St Tube will be in effect every weekend. Service through the tunnel will be stopped from 11:45 p.m. Fridays until 5 a.m. Mondays. Work is expected to last until the Spring of 2018. The Clark Street Station will be closed, and no 2 or 3 trains will be stopping at Borough Hall.

Summary of Service Changes to Accommodate 23 Customers:

  • 4 service will be extended to New Lots Av to replace the 3 in Brooklyn;
  • 5 service will be extended to Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College to replace the 2 in Brooklyn;
  • For Service between Brooklyn and Manhattan, riders should use the 45nr
  • Free out of system transfer will be available between 12r and n (late nights only) at South Ferry and 45 at Bowling Green;
  • 12 riders may also transfer to the r and n (late nights only) at Whitehall St-South Ferry for service to Brooklyn;
  • No 23 subway service will be available at Park Place, Fulton St, Wall St, Clark St, Borough Hall, and Hoyt St. Customers at these stations should use nearby stations for alternate service;
    • Customers can use the 45 at Borough Hall and the 45acj at Fulton St
    • For Hoyt St: Use Nevins St 45, Borough Hall 45 or Jay St-MetroTech acfr
    • For Clark St: Use Borough Hall 45 or Court St r
    • For Wall St: Use Rector St 12, Wall St 45, Broad St j, or Rector St r

The 1.2 mile-long tunnel, known as the Clark St Tube, was one of nine MTA New York City Transit subway tunnels flooded and damaged by an unprecedented storm surge during Sandy in October 2012. More than half a million gallons of corrosive salt water flooded the tunnel, damaging tracks, signals, pumping equipment, and electrical and switching equipment. Although temporary repairs immediately after the storm enabled a safe return to service, extensive reconstruction is required in the Clark St Tube to ensure that 2 and 3 line operations remain safe and viable.