Police and Public Safety

About This Issue

As our community continues to experience a dramatic increase in the volume of people and vehicles moving through the neighborhood, we have also begun to see a rise in the number of incidents affecting public safety — from nuisance violations like vandalism to more serious crimes.

The BHA’s committee on Police and Public Safety addresses residents’ concerns related to public safety and criminal activity by following up with the 84th Precinct and Brooklyn’s District Attorney’s Office to ensure that they receive adequate attention. It also advocates for increased allocation of law enforcement resources to the community due to the strain on existing police resources caused by the wave of new developments in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Cobble Hill and Red Hook, as well as Brooklyn Heights.

The committee routinely reviews the Police Department’s Compstat data, attends 84th Precinct Community Council meetings to confer with the 84th Precinct Captain and community affairs officers, communicates as necessary with the District Attorney’s Office, and meets regularly with the board of the Montague Street Business Improvement District.  The committee is seeking to work with homeowners and law enforcement to deter crime by adding surveillance cameras in problem areas, such as Brooklyn Bridge Park entrances.


Learn More

To keep the BHA informed about any criminal activity (after you’ve reported it to the police), security concerns, or other safety issues, you can call us at (718) 858-9193 or send us an email.

You can also reach out to our Neighborhood Coordination Officers, Detective John Condon or PO Donovan Hunt.