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BHA to Meet With DOT Nov. 19th

The BHA has organized a meeting with DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and the engineers overseeing the BQE Project on November 19th.  At the meeting, we will press DOT to abandon the 6-lane highway on the Promenade in favor of a better approach to rebuilding the BQE.

The BHA has retained engineering consultants to evaluate alternatives to DOT’s plan and assess ways to reduce traffic on the BQE during the construction period.  Their expertise will greatly assist the BHA in showing DOT that viable alternatives exist and warrant its consideration.

The outcome of Tuesday’s election and the leadership change in the State Senate could potentially pave the way for passage of a long-delayed congestion pricing plan that would place tolls on the East River crossings. This measure would reduce traffic on the BQE, making alternative construction approaches more feasible and mitigating their environmental impacts. With this new political opportunity, the BHA will advocate for the passage of this congestion pricing plan.

As we all know, the Promenade is a draw for all New Yorkers, not just those in our neighborhood. The traffic congestion resulting from the BQE Project will affect everyone. To ensure that all stakeholders are supportive of our objectives, the BHA is consulting with our sister neighborhood associations to keep them fully informed of our efforts.

Fix the BQE sign in shop windowThe distribution of signs and buttons opposing the DOT’s current plan has been so successful, we’ve had to replenish our supply.  Signs now appear throughout the Heights and are available at the Montague Key Food and at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange at 55 Pierrepont Street. Be sure to pick one up today.

The BHA values your ongoing support.  This campaign to identify the right solution for our neighborhood would not be possible without this support. Your donations make a significant difference. Please contribute today to our BQE Fund.







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