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Help Keep the Clark Street Station Open

The MTA is considering closing the Clark Street subway station for an entire year while its three breakdown-prone elevators are replaced. We must persuade the MTA to change track.

There is no question that the elevators need replacement. But like the DOT’s plan to reconstruct the BQE with a 6-lane Promenade Highway, the community deserves both a better plan and real transparency by the MTA.

A complete closure would have a severe impact on the small businesses that operate within the station and along Clark and Henry Streets, as well as upon residents with mobility issues for whom the Borough Hall Station is too far a walk.  It would also unnecessarily inconvenience the nearly 2 million patrons who use the station annually.

After the report of the rumored closing emerged, the BHA reached out to the Transit Authority’s Office of Government & Community Relations to inquire.  The agency’s spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny the report but would only state that the MTA will issue a Request for Proposals in July and award a contract later this summer with a project commencement to occur early next year.

This evasive answer prompted the BHA to request the assistance of our elected officials to obtain further clarification from the MTA with regard to whether alternatives to a complete closure are being considered. Receiving the same inadequate response, Senator Kavanagh, Assemblymember Simon, Representative Velazquez and Council Member Levin sent a joint letter to NYC Transit Authority President Andy Byford requesting that “the MTA consider all possible options for making these repairs before deciding to close the station completely for a year or more.

The BHA will continue to work with its elected officials, area businesses and the community to demand greater transparency from the MTA and to advocate for a work plan that allows the station to remain open at all times.

We also ask for your engagement on this issue. You can help by distributing this handout  and by calling or writing the MTA and our elected officials.  Tell them that the station must remain in operation while the elevator work proceeds.



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